A dos Santos

Voornaam: Adriano

AGB code: 90/112968

Beroepsorganisatie: NWP


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ADS Vitality Den Haag

Laan van Meerdervoort 106A

2517AS Den Haag


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For those who don’t know me yet, I am a leading nutrition practitioner, health speaker and food-lover. I hold a BSc in Sports Science as well as Human Nutrition Science, an MSc in Exercise Physiology, and plenty of training in the Nutrition Science field. Over the last two decades, I have developed tools, strategies, and clinical protocols to help “people restore their health with simple, effective dietary changes.”

I’m constantly acquiring new qualifications and knowledge to help my clients achieve their health goals more effectively. I’m a bit of a geek who always has my head in the current health, medicine & nutrition book and I love staying up to date with all the current courses.

This hunger for new knowledge and helping people achieve optimal health encourages me to take a year’s sabbatical to reflect on the next steps in my career. Between 2021 and 2022, I took a break from my coaching business, which has been extremely helpful to see where I would like to focus my energy. That was so insightful and brought me loads of wisdom. After 20 years of being a personal trainer in the field of the Fitness industry, I’ve decided to focus exclusively on nutrition therapy to help people achieve optimal health. That doesn’t mean that I’m leaving the fitness element behind. That means that I’ll be working together with fitness professionals to help my clients to get fitter.

Whilst I still see patients face to face, I’ve always coached people online and even more after the Covid pandemic. I have also created my online nutrition programmes, e-books and blog to help you on the road to better health. I’ve given a lot of lectures and workshops for large groups in companies in preventive medicine programmes. 

As part of my professional growth, I will also embark on new studies, a master’s programme in sleep medicine and functional medicine practitioner, starting in 2023. 

Stay tuned here or via my social media channels. 

Healthy regards,

Adriano dos Santos, BSc MSc eREPS NWP



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