S.A. Musmin

Voornaam: Sylvia

AGB code: 90/027659

Beroepsorganisatie: LVNT


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C.A.S-Amsterdam/ Mychi Amsterdam

President Kennedylaan 681

1079MP Amsterdam


Praktijk code: 90012263


As a professional stage artist in the entertainment industry, connecting to audience at multiple levels always fascinated me. What is it that connects us?’ This powerful energy from within guided me to become a healthcare professional. Harsh life experiences turned out to be fertile soil for developing insight and understanding about this multi-layered fascinating tissue ‘the fascial web of the body’.

Structural Integration (SI) can be defined at various levels. Here we list the progression of principles from which the Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI) programme derives its goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics.

Each principle can be framed as a question.
1) Energy – Is there sufficient available energy?
2) Adaptability – Where can we increase adaptability?
3) Support – How can we increase support?
4) Release – What patterns can be released?
5) Integration – Where can we integrate changes into functional movement?


Structurele Integratie




Bewegings- en massagetherapie

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